Welcome to The Glamgirl

This is your go to website for the best items to help you feel your best ever self! We should all be happy with what we are, how we look, no matter how big or small, blonde or dark, hippie or classic. But we all know that sometimes we don’t feel great about some part of ourselves. So we have put together a small shop where you can buy our favourite products, things we use ourselves to make us feel more confident!

Like so many websites these days, we want to give our fellow girls, women confidence. We are all different shapes and sizes, with madly differing life experiences but we support you whoever, and whatever!

We are so happy to be working with Amazon! All the items featured are items we have used ourselves and we have chosen the very best of the bunch. Click to link to go through to Amazon, and by doing so we do receive a commission, but you do not pay any more for your item than if you went directly to Amazon. We have simply taken the work out of choosing by trying the items ourselves! We want to be completely transparent with our customers. So if you are a prime customer or are looking for next day delivery, check out our skincare links to Amazon!

Welcome to the tribe.

With love,

The Glamgirl Team x

And if you feel like you might want to be in business yourself, check out the link below and make the most of your skills! Feel empowered!